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easyRussia: your partner for Russia!
easyRussia can offer you exclusive conditions for both individual tourists and groups even if you are a small tour operator or have not worked with Russia before. We have a network of partners in Italy and we are now expanding to european and USA markets. "Maximum flexibility" and "the best for the lowest price" are our motto

FIT and VIP : we will work out an agreement with you for a fixed commission/discount on our online pricelist and give confidential quotations for all kind of services (transfers, guides, museums, theatre and train tkts). We have a skilled staff and the best conditions for VIP clients and minigroup (5 stars guides, minicoaches, restaurants, programs...)

PTY: easyRussia manages only "ad hoc" groups with the highest level of customization: it’s not simply a joke when we say “you can even choose the color of the bus for your group”. We take a maximum of 20 groups per year, and this limit is very important in assuring the highest level of service. Because your clients are our clients!

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flats in st. petersburg on line booking hotels and flats for short-term rental in Saint Petersburg and Moscow

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